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DEMC has the experience, skills and creative aptitude to fulfill the different needs of its clients as efficiently as possible. Since 2008, DEMC has assembled an array of production talents for high quality event affiliation services, content output for tv programs, corporate videos; just to name a few.

Our iconic services:

  • Corporate Liaison
  • Media Consulting
  • Protocol Management
  • Corporate Events
  • Sport Events
  • Seminar and Conferences
  • Launching and Roadshows
  • Gambit
  • Audio Video (AV) Systems
  • Sound and Intelligent Lights
  • TV Programs (Local Dramas & Telemovies)
  • TV Magazines
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Training & Seminar Videos
  • Video Presentations
  • Single or Multiple Camera Productions
  • Multi-Camera Live-Switch System
  • Multi Camera ISO
  • Media/ Video Conversion
  • Digital Productions Consulting
  • Company Retreat / Travel

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