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Why Hire DEMC Sdn Bhd as an event management

All DEMC Sdn Bhd board of management and staff inclusive of business association, such as an event management and consultant for our value client’s, must abide by the strict DEMC Sdn Bhd Code of Ethics which requires ethical, reliable and competent conduct. DEMC SdnBhdhave access to safety standards, licenses, proper legal contracts and insurance, enabling them to confidently provide the very best products and services available. Whether our commitment to continue to strive for excellence and the utmost professionalism.


DEMC Sdn Bhd Story

The Double Event Management & Consultancy Sdn Bhd was created in 2008 to fill an obvious need in the entertainment industry. As the only association of its kind, the DEMCSdnBhdwas developed as a “one-stop-centre” to assist members of the event planning, entertainment and training provider to operate and prosper in an efficient and cost-effective manner through the services provided. Our goal was to offer the very best services available with excellent customer service.

Today, the DEMC Sdn Bhd has evolved into a full-service association – event planner association – providing a foundation for success. DEMC Sdn Bhd business partners offers a unique support system for professionals in the event and amusement industries looking for an exemplary event planner association. Our mission is to provide the foundational elements of a successful business and facilitate the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.



Double Event Management is creating a unique support system for event and amusement professionals by providing the foundation for a successful business which to be a good servicing to client’s and regulatory support while maintaining and facilitating the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.



  •  To provide the highest level of customer service
  • To provide the highest levels of quality and value on products to strive for excellent
  • To educate event and business associated of excellences and spur growth within their businesses
  • To educate the consumer on the value and necessity of hiring an event management
  • To create a successful and relevant of value for money


Our Clients

Our clients range from small corporations to international conglomerates.


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